Q: How can I help you find my pet?


A: Locate a scent item from your missing pet. ​These are items such as beds, blankets, and toys. If you have multiple pets that share items, be sure to chat with us so we can walk you through how to preserve the best scent item.

Q: How soon can you be here to help find my pet?

A: We try to be on the ground no later than 12 - 14 days after your pet went missing. If it has been longer than that and you have sightings, we can work based off them.

Q: Can you guarantee that you will find my pet?

A: As much as we wish we could, we cannot guarantee that we will locate your missing pet. We do guarantee that we will work as hard as humanly possible and make every effort to find your pet.

Q: Can you tell if my pet was stolen?

A: We can give you an idea if and where your pet was picked up (in vehicle). In many cases pets have been picked up by well-meaning folks who don't know you are actively looking for your pet.

Q: How long will it take to find my pet?

A: Each pet and track is different. Lost pets aren't usually found during a track BUT tracks give us an idea of where to focus our recovery efforts.  Once we have location indicators, we use feeding and or trapping statins to bring your pet home safely. 

Q: Can you find pets other than cats and dogs?

A: Absolutely! We have successfully tracked and recovered all kinds of pets, including turtles and ferrets!

Q: Can any dog be a "tracker dog"?

A: It helps if a dog has a high drive - either toy or treat motivated. Not every dog does, but those that do can likely be trained (by professionals) to track.

Q: How much will it cost for you to find my pet?

A: A track will cost between $200 - $300 plus milage. PLease contact us for a specific quote.

Q: Why are there no set prices?

A: Every track is different... Type of pet, location, time missing, are all factors that affect pricing.

Q: Where do you track?

A: We service the entire United States with a focus on the East Coast and Midwest. We offer free consultations for any pet owner who's pets have gone missing.